Test Preparation


  • In math, students review all mathematical concepts covered on the SAT and ACT.
  • In reading, students learn valuable reading comprehension skills and build vocabulary.
  • In the SAT Writing and Language/ACT English instruction, students build a solid foundation of English grammar usage, valuable not only for the SAT/ACT but also for English classes and essay writing.
  • In the ACT science section, students learn how best to manage their time and analyze the data provided in the charts, tables and graphs.

Test-Taking Strategies 

Test-taking strategies are an integral part of our tutoring program. Students learn valuable skills essential for maximizing scores, with a focus on:

  1. How to recognize and approach each category of question.
  2. Which questions might best be avoided or left until last.
  3. How to use process of elimination when answering questions.


  • PSAT students complete the same steps outlined for the SAT and ACT. Everything learned in our PSAT tutoring program prepares students for the SAT.
  • Students take a minimum of four practice tests. Homework is assigned each week and must be completed before the next session.

Time-Management Techniques

Time-management techniques are an important tool in these fast-paced tests. Students learn essential skills to avoid running out of time.


SAT subject tests

  • SAT Subject Tests are multiple-choice standardized tests given on individual subjects. They can enhance a student’s credentials for admission to college in the United States.
  • A student may take up to three SAT subject tests on any given SAT test date. However, most subject tests are offered on the same day as the SAT Reasoning Test. Therefore students cannot take SAT subject tests and the SAT Reasoning Test on the same day.

Additional Support

In addition to our complete test preparation program, we accommodate students who need extra help in a specific area of the test.

An intensive refresher course is available for students who wish to retake the test.