Meet Our Tutors

James Eno Tutorials selects tutors who have graduated from leading four-year colleges and universities and who have scored in the top percentiles on their own SAT/ACT tests.

Our tutors have strong interpersonal skills, connect well with teenagers and parents, and demonstrate a firm commitment to education. Our tutoring staff currently includes the following team members:

James Eno, B.A., Founder and Senior Tutor

University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Santa Barbara

James is an avid reader. He enjoys hiking, movies, the culinary arts, and visiting family in the U.K.

Adrienne Rosenberg

Adrienne Rosenberg, B.A.

Harvard University

Adrienne has a background in cultural anthropology and gender studies. She grew up in Berkeley and is thrilled to be back after many years on the other coast. She is currently working toward getting a graduate degree in Psychology.

Hank Coshnear

Hank Coshnear, B.S.

Macalester College

Hank grew up in Santa Rosa and is an avid traveller. He works at a neurology lab in San Francisco. When he’s not dissecting brains, he’s rock climbing outdoors in the East Bay.

Geoffrey Lee

Geoffrey Lee, B.A.

Harvard University

Geoffrey grew up in the Bay Area and loves being back after four years in Massachusetts. While he was at Harvard, Geoffrey focused his studies on mathematics and he is currently planning on going to graduate school for math. In his spare time, Geoffrey pursues his interests in literary criticism and piano.

Jasper Werby

Jasper Werby, B.A.

Pomona College

Jasper grew up in Berkeley, California and attended Berkeley High School. He went to Pomona College where he majored in global health and science and did research in a medicinal chemistry lab. He is currently volunteering with the homeless and elderly populations in Berkeley in addition to tutoring. In his free time, he enjoys dancing and martial arts.

Zoe Tucker

Zoe Tucker, B.A.

Harvard University

Zoe is originally from the East Coast. She spent her last year teaching, gardening, and cooking in schools with FoodCorps in Montana. She enjoys hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, cooking, reading and writing in her free time. She is now happy to be in the Bay Area figuring out what to do next.

Juhi Khemani, B.A.

Juhi Khemani, B.A.

University of California at Berkeley

Juhi recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Integrative Biology and a minor in English. She has volunteered with various medical clinics in the Bay Area and is currently applying to Optometry school. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels written exclusively by female comedians and baking pumpkin based treats.

Sarah Matthes

Sarah Matthes, B.A.

Yale University

Sarah Matthes hails from Princeton, NJ, and is a published poet and professional actor. She enjoys making soups of many kinds, and sailing her boat, the Lady Kay.

Parker Crane

Parker Crane, B.A.

Harvard College

Parker grew up in Cambridge, MA and has a B.A. in Linguistics, specializing in semantics and phonology. He currently works as a video correspondent for and records music at M&M studios in Oakland. In his free time, he enjoys reading longform journalism, listening to podcasts, and doing animation and game design.

About Our Process

  • Tutors complete an intensive course of training before they begin working with students.
  • Tutors report regularly on student progress and discuss future lesson plans and strategies with James Eno, founder and senior tutor.
  • Students are assigned one personal tutor for the duration of the program.
  • We offer both in-home and office-based tutoring. Tutors will drive to your home, anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, or meet with students in a local coffee shop if preferred. Our office is located in North Berkeley, within easy reach of AC Transit.

Contact us at 510-499-2283 or with any questions about our tutors.